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Status Updates 29.10.2022 Manufacturing updates. All Paragon Parts have finished the coating process and are now being packaged to make their journey to Germany to our Storage facilites.     18.08.2022 Manufacturing updates. Paragon is currently being anodised / Coated. Black and Silver Paragons are completed. Deep Navy

  10.02.2023   Group Buy is live with 5 worldwide vendors. View the product page to read all the info you want.     Alexotos will be hosting a build stream on 1th Feb, go check it out!   Video Review by Youtuber Cheeseturbulence can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ELIWoolh5I&embeds_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.keebwerk.com%2F&source_ve_path=MjM4NTE&feature=emb_title       29.10.2022 3rd

UPDATE 25.02.2023 After a long time and a lot of hard work the Group buy for the Synth Labs 060 is now live.  We have 3 case Layouts, 6 different plates, 4 different brass colours and a lot of other options available

26.10.2022   There is a limited Quanity of Nasu extra units available for direct shipping! The Keebwerk Configurator is online and ready for you to configure your board!     18.08.2022 ----COMPLETION OF NASU GROUP BUY---- All Nasu Orders have been shipped out to customers! We want to

We are seeing the continuous rise in demand for cool little artisan keycaps that will not break the bank. We have decided to take a shot at this as well ourselves. 3 things were kept in mind when creating this

The next little product is being made for the mega. keyboard. The function of this is to silence our mega. keyboard, while creating these paddings, we have decided to offer a few standard sized EVA foam inserts for all types

UPDATES June - Orders have come in from all Vendors, a total of 150 pieces are made. August - The manufacturing has been submitted, 75/75 split brass to aluminium bases. There were small adjustments made, shown below, this is just a Realignment

The nano. slider project is the first project of keebwerk. We have made this page to post updates on the project and the current delays that have occured. March / April - First final products have arrived of the product, however

After releasing the nano. slider and now that the mega keyboard is finally becoming a thing, we have decided to bring our own tactile T-1 based switch, which is silent with rubber padding on the bottom. So it will be

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The work on the mega. version has now finished. The keyboard is a 3 piece keyboard, PCB will be designed by Yiancar. Our goal with this keyboard is to create a 65% keyboard made from aluminium, supporting QMK, Hot-Swap and RGB