The nano. slider project is the first project of keebwerk. We have made this page to post updates on the project and the current delays that have occured.

March / April – First final products have arrived of the product, however it turns out the prototypes that we have received earlier were not followed to the quality standard. Anodisation has been good however and we are glad to say the anodisation standard will be carried on, but with a different CNC manufacturer. In the picture you can see that the edges of the CNC parts look like they have been finished off by hand, we are unsure why this is, the communication with the manufacturer was not clear on this.

Packaging arrived, looks really good, happy to keep using this for the future nano. projects.

Brass turned out not finished as we required, they even oxidised over time of being here. Not great… But now we have to get that redone too.

May – New manufacturer has been looked for, I got new tips on whom to try out manufacturing with, I ordered two prototypes at both places, these are to arrive in 1 month. Shout out to Matt from the community who helped out to get this manufacturer under our belt.

June – PCBs have been tested, however we have discovered due to issues in a gerber file version (who knew that would have been a big thing), paths have merged so 2,3 switch locations were activating at the same time. Either the decision was to cut the connection and wire each PCB separately, or to manufacture it new. With the manufacturing, we have decided to strengthen the PCB screw holes by making them out of gold plated aluminium.

July – PCBs are in, manufacturing is done and they work! Prototypes have arrived and finally are going into final manufacturing, very happy with the quality, there was some leakages on anodisation but we are working with the manufacturer to prevent that from happening in the future

August – All is done, now only Brass orders are the issue, we have to wait to reprocess those orders. Please check images below of the faults, if you want a free old brass plate with wrong treatment, let me know!

September – First orders are going out now, the knobs were originally 1mm too high, but stick with mechanical friction, meaning there is no need for some awful looking screw in the knob. There are new knobs that have been re-made 1mm deeper and those are the final knobs on all nano. sliders.

October – All parts are in now, so we have some issues with colors still but we are now contacting all customers. Pictures are to be attached below, the nano slider works like a charm and we are finally happy to end this project. Stock will be available once we get more of them sorted out and sent.

January – Nanos mainly with Coal Black coloured components have been going out to customers and as you have probably seen from our social media channels Nano. Bento editions have shipped.
– Manuals are online on the support page. As people report bugs we are unaware of despite extensive testing we are updating the firmware and documentation regularly at the moment so make sure you check back every now and then!
– For the remaining orders there have been colour inconsistencies between components of the same colour. Shining Silver bases, cases and knobs are all different shades, the two later ones turned out dark grey (yet different), and Crimson Red bases turned out pink. So we are holding back these because it is simply not what you have ordered! All parts are being remanufactured from the start and this is currently in process. We expect to take delivery in the last week of January from which point on we will work day and night to get the existing custom orders out!
– Brass plates were stuck with quality issues again! These are also being remanufactured and are part of the same shipment expected end of January.

End of July 2020 –
Stock for all remaining Nanos came in approx 2 week ago and we have been busy building and shipping all existing orders! Oldest orders first and we know some of you have been waiting for a very long time – these orders are all out – THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT!
The remaining orders are being processed in the next 10 days or so.


  • Chet Taker3 years ago

    are these going to be restocked soon? 😀

    • Julien Powell3 years ago

      YES! Shipment on the way to us at the moment!

  • Blake3 years ago

    Wait theres going to be a restock?

    • Julien Powell3 years ago


  • Efren Gonzalez4 years ago

    Just found out about this beauty, glad to hear the there is a round 2! Any NA proxies and/or time estimate?

    • Julien Powell3 years ago

      🙂 no its only sold through us and we are expecting the parts to arrive mid december 🙂

  • Ben T4 years ago

    Really looking forward to getting a nano once you guys restock!

  • Zach F4 years ago

    all nanos totally gone?

    • Julien Powell4 years ago

      Out of Stock at the moment yes, new ones are in Production!

  • Koniotaur4 years ago

    When will nano. slider get colors expanded from mega. ? Like green for example?

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