All Swiss board are completed, waiting on the carry cases to be ready before boards are packaged and send out to vendors!



Group Buy is live with 5 worldwide vendors. View the product page to read all the info you want.



Alexotos will be hosting a build stream on 1th Feb, go check it out!


Video Review by Youtuber Cheeseturbulence can be found here:





3rd Prototype of Swiss has undergone extensive testing. Small issues have been fixed for the final production run. 

Product page is live. Go check out the video review !

Swiss will be available in Cheese Colour (E-Coated) and Moongrey (anodized)


Check it out at Geekhack for the latest updates, information and the IC Form

STATUS FROM 03.10.2020 – Please View the Geekhack for the latest Info

a HHKB POM keyboard that looks like…  Cheese?


  • Mount: Top Mount
  • Angle: 6 Degrees
  • Material: Pom and Alu
  • Plate Material: White POM and Brass (check IC Form)
  • Weight: Brass
  • Foam for between the case and bottom to reduce hollowness! 
  • Universal/ aio3 Daughter board.
  • Pom version will have metal screw holes to reduce/eliminate stripping
  • Colors: Yellow
  • Price: ~300 Euros