Price incl. VAT in EU

  • 399€ outside EU
  • Pre-Orders OPEN! Delivery expected August 2024
  • Design by Synth Labs
  • Limited Group Buy
  • Available in 3 Colours
  • Standard 60%, HHKB & WKL
  • 4 Brass PVD Colours
  • 5 Plate Materials
  • 2 Gasket Densities
  • In the work since over 2 years


The Synth Labs 060 will be available in a wide variety of versions.
3 case colours and 2 layouts (Standard, HHKB) with a total of 4 different brass PVD colours and 5 Plate Materials. The PCB is available as a universal solder version or fixed layout Hotswap with RGB.

All hidden screws

The case is engineered to feature an all hidden screws design. The plate is also fully gasket mounted with custom Poron gaskets available in 2 densities.


With your Synth Labs 060 there is a wide variety of Plates available. Aluminium plates are available in E-White or Black Anodized. The brass plate is polished + PVD coated and an FR4 Plate is offered too. For the the most flexy typing experience there is a clear PC plate or a frosted POM plate depending on your liking. FR4, PC and Pom plates have 2 large flexcuts.



USB-C Daughterboard Cover


Design by SynthLabs


Fins part of interior weight

QMK is one of the most powerful open-source keyboard firmware that is available out there. You can program any key to your wish, with the VIA Configurator, or via a standard QMK Configurator available online.

Hotswap with RGB or Solder PCB: has ESD Protection
Custom USB-C Daughterboard

Case material: Aluminum
Plates: 1.5 mm polycarbonate Clear, 1.5mm Brass, 1,5mm POM frosted, 1,5mm Alu Black / e-White, 1,5mm FR4
Foam: Case foam and Plate foam included
Mounting System: Gasket mount
Isolation: Poron gaskets for plates in 2 hardnesses
Typing Angle: 7 degrees
Weight in both grams and lbs
approx 1.9kg / 3.8lbs, 2.4kg / 4.8lbs fully built

The Synth Labs 060 is available only through the Keebwerk Configurator and distributed Worldwide directly by us.

Each keyboard is manufactured in the same factory with the same quality standards. Each keyboard is visually checked by keebwerk. in Germany, and each keyboard is packaged by us, by hand.


The Synth Labs 060 comes with all that you require to build a board without keycaps/ switches.
This is a community Keyboard by Nostril and manufactured under our Keebwerk. Crafters Brand.

Continuing Keebwerk's quality and anodisation standards we
are happy to announce that at the base price, you will receive the following:

- Top Frame
- Bottom Frame
- Brass Rail
- Brass Weight
- Plate - in your chosen material
- PCB-A (Main Switch PCB either Solder or Hotswap with RGB)
- Custom daughterboard
- Daughterboard cutout Cover
- Full Screw Set incl. PCB spacers
- 2 Sets of Custom Poron Gaskets for plates (1x ``soft``, 1x ``hard``)
- Custom Silicone Feet
- Custom Case Foam and Plate Foam
- Card of Certification
- Braided USB-C Cable

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Synth Labs 060 is a Group-Buy that ran Feb - March. Manufacturing is underway and if you missed the group-buy period you are now able to PRE-ORDER your configuration scheduled to be deliverd by the end of 2023.. The keyboard is available only on the Keebwerk Configurator.

Join all our friends who have been following us throughout the year of the project. Got any questions? Join the conversation over at the Synth Labs 060 Geekhack Page - click the icon here

Photo Credits for pictures 1 and 3 – Alexotos