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June – Orders have come in from all Vendors, a total of 150 pieces are made.

August – The manufacturing has been submitted, 75/75 split brass to aluminium bases. There were small adjustments made, shown below, this is just a Realignment of the logo on the base, and then a chamfer of the usb port so there is a lower chance of any cracking occuring in the future. Otherwise the nano is 1:1 to the original nano. slider

September – Parts are already shipped, will take until the beginning of October to arrive sadly. The shipping method is slow.

October – The landing date of the parts is the first week of November, we are excited to get these parts out!


The Keycap prototype is looking great. The keycap sits well, the anodisation is great, could not be happier. We have sent a few switches for mounting to the factory so they can fit it 1:1 to the keyswitch. A cherry MX switch was sent over, of course on switches like the BOX Switch it may be harder to mount due to its slightly thicker stem.

Pictures below, colors are off –

For final manufacturing the colors are being matched 1 to 1 to the keycaps (hence the delay in anodisation) as pantones may look great on screen but very different to the real world color on aluminium.

January – All units have been shipped and most have arrived at the customers!
We are really pleased with how these turned out and so far it seems like everyone else is too!
Manuals are online on the support page. As people report bugs we are unaware of despite extensive testing we are updating the firmware and documentation regularly at the moment so make sure you check back every now and then! 
Check below for pictures of the finished products!

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