keebwerk. bushi.

Our attempt at a silent tactile switch with a zing from biipmk

  • 62G Actuation Force
  • Color Matched Housing to GMK Bushido
  • Silent Tactile Bump & Bottom Out


We wanted to create the smoothest and quietest tactile switch while maintaining all features possible and therefore all aspects of the tacit. switch have functionality in mind. Rubber injected around the side of the stem and at the bottom dampen the impact and close to eliminates resonance whilst maintaining a crisp and responsible tactile bump feeling. All tacit. Switches support in-switch 2 leg LED’s , sadly due to the non-translucent housing, RGB LEDs are not supporting with this switch, unlike our tacit. switches.

Limited & Pre-Order only.

The bushi version of the tacit. switch will be only sold as a Group-Buy. We will have to reach 25,000 total switches sold to be able to let this GB happen. So, 250 100% sized keyboards, can we do it?

Switches sold out of 25,000 0

Reviews on Reddit

Need some convincing? Here are some reviews of the tacit. switch taken from Reddit r/mechanicalkeyboards

Got mines today, really liking them. Here is a quick comparison between a tacit and a T1 https://youtu.be/Zp9dy-pPLKw


Redditor/Tacit. User

I threw some in a Boardwalk last week. I really like them. As quiet as a Zilent but a snappier tactile event. And the sound is really nice, very thocky. Stems are not wobbly in the slightest either. Really a great job by Keebwerk and Durock.


Redditor/Tacit. User

They are smooth, silent with a heavier tactile bump. They feel very similar to the T1 except that they are softer at bottoming out. The bump feels smoother and rounder compared to the Zeal Zilent V2 67g. Also similar to (don"t kill me for that) my HHKB with Redux Light Domes.


Redditor/Tacit. User

Well, what are you waiting for?