What we stand for.

Keebwerk. launched in 2018 with the goal of providing products for both keyboard enthusiasts and people with a love for both quality and design.

Industrial Design

Quality design is integral to our products. Our products are both made to be looked at and to be lovingly used and abused while providing utility and satisfaction. We have two design experts who work on each project with a key focus on delicate attention to detail and ergonomics.


All our products exist to push the limit of what is possible. We give deliberate and careful thought to make certain each of our products has purpose and functionality for our targeted audience. The products are rigorously tested in real-life situations for many weeks to verify that there are no issues with ergonomics or function.


Each product design is first put through its paces in CAD 3D Simulations for stress point and temperature tests. After prototyping we conduct corrosion, wear and tear and impact tests to ensure all our products meet our high quality standards. The finish is visually inspected individually on each product to ensure our products get to your hands in perfect working order.


This is how we will process your order.

Place your Order

First off, just simply place your order on our store. Use our customiser to pick the colours and build that you want.


Depending if your product is in-stock or not, we manufacture the parts for your order and deliver them to our office.

Built by Keebwerk

We build your custom order and do several quality checks to verify your purchase is in perfect condition.


We ship your order to you using DHL – ensuring you receive it safe and sound in the minimum possible time.