Mega. Keyboard Base KIT Price

  • 199€ Outside EU!
  • Mid Run Update! 1.5mm PC and Alu Plate!
  • 1.5mm Plates have Durock V2 Support + increased tolerances and PCB /Plate assembly removable together
  • Aluminium / Brass Materials
  • Hotswap PCB
  • USB-C / QMK_VIA Compatible
  • ISO coming with second batch of Manufacturing
  • Custom mute. Case Foam (plate foam extra)

All Metal Construction

Case, Base and Plate are all CNC Machined from solid blocks of aluminium. The mega. comes with 5 colors at this current time, more will be available in the future. The aluminium build weighs around 1.3kg, and with a 3mm plate with gasket top mounts, the typing experience is solid, quiet and reliable. All screws are black steel screws, and the PCB spacers are silver. To eliminate hollowness, mega. comes standard with custom case foam.


Offering the best typing experience in a robust all aluminum enclosure, that was the goal. The 3mm plate with custom molded silicone buffers between the top case and plate allow for a easy hot-swap of switches and a silent typing experience. The keyboard feels solidly built and after having tested it for 5 months, 11 hours a day, we can confirm that this keyboard is still a thrill to use and look at. There is 0 plate/case ping after having used clicky, tactile and linear switches.

LEDS? What? Yes! Three!

Front-facing status LEDs allow you to program QMK to let those 3 LED’s show any status that you want. At default the 3 status LED’s show which layer your QMK firmware is in, allowing you to use up to 3 layers with visual feedback. With programming you can modify the LED’s to show anything you want. The RGB per-switch LED’s allow you to open your keyboard customisability one step further. Turning them off is also an option if you are not interested in using them.

Customize at any Time

Having something available should not mean that you are only stuck to a few variations of the keyboard. We want you adapt our products exactly to you, and how you want it. The want to customise is stronger than ever, and we at keebwerk. are making sure this is a possible and fun experience with the mega. We have a visual configurator available in the product page, where you can select and mix and match the plate, frame, base, switches and even stabilisers!


Inspired by friends of Keebwerk.

STEALTHYO1 compress


WOBRED341 compress




MEGATILES31 compress


QMK is one of the most powerful open-source keyboard firmware that is available out there. You can program any key to your wish, with the VIA Configurator, or via a standard QMK Configurator available online.

- Kaihua Hotswap
- ESD Protection
- Typing angle: 3°
- RGB Light per Switch (programmable)
- Diffused 3MM Round LEDs included
- MX Switch Only
- ATMEGA32 processor
- Brass Base/Weight (Optional)
- Weight around 1.5KG
- 65% Layout ANSI
- custom mute. Case Foam

Yiancar has developed, manufactured and tested, as well as programmed, each PCB that is delivered with the .mega. This allows us to focus on providing the best possible keyboard and leaving the hard work to the professionals. Yiancar has been a part of projects in the mechanical keyboard community, NK65, HS60, Gingham and more! Check his website by clicking on the icon.

Each keyboard is manufactured in the same factory with the same quality standards. Each keyboard is visually checked by keebwerk. in Germany, and each keyboard is packaged by us, by hand. We make sure that each keyboard is made to our expectations, but we have to allow some lee-way for some quality aspects which are highlighted below. Please be aware these are POTENTIAL issues that have been found over the range of around 100 keyboard tests.




Images of the prototype mega. board



The MEGA comes with all that you require to build a board without keycaps.
Keebwerk. wants to deliver a full functioning kit for the best price and we
are happy to announce that at the base price, you will receive the following:

- Top Frame
- Bottom Weight
- Plate
- PCB-A (Main Switch PCB)
- PCB-LED (LED PCB glued in place)
- Bottom Case Screws
- Plate Screws
- custom mute. case foam
- custom plate foam - optional extra
- Silicone Dampening Strips
- Stabilisers (optional)
- Switches (optional)
- Bumpons for feet
- Card of Certification
- Braided USB-C Cable

Community Feedback

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Extensive Sound Test

Typing test from Owner

Typing Test

Join all our friends who have been following us throughout the year of the project. Got any questions? Join the conversation over at the develops page and see what has been done over the year of work.


Mega. is an In-Stock item right now. Go check out our fullscreen configurator!