Cheeseboard Price

  • Design by Bregoli
  • Limited Group Buy
  • 5+ Hour CNC Machining Time per Case
  • Available in 4 Variants
  • 2 Plate Materials
  • HHKB Layout
  • In the work since 2 years

To the Moon, or Switzerland

2 colors are available for Cheeseboard, either the Cheese Yellow or the Moon Grey variants, we are not really sure if the moon is made of cheese or not, so both versions are being made to satisfy all sorts of conspiracies. The finish of the colored layer is not rough and provides a nice touch to every edge.


Each case goes through over 5 hours of machining by a 5-Axis Machine, bit by bit. This is due to the complexity of the cheese holes which are milled to make sure that each radius is smooth and is not jagged. We have had 3 prototypes made to make sure that the spacing of each hole is perfect.


With your Cheeseboard you can get a POM or Brass plate, this is up to you! POM will provide a more flexible typing profile and Brass will look pretty while providing stellar acoustics. The POM is white so be aware that you may be able to see it through the keycap gaps.

Cheeseboard by Cheese Turbulence

Build Stream by Alexotos


Images of a final prototype Cheeseboard, by Cheese Turbulence


Cheeseboard at angles


6061 Aluminium


Cheeseboard logo under weight


Design by Bregoli

QMK is one of the most powerful open-source keyboard firmware that is available out there. You can program any key to your wish via the standard QMK Configurator available online. VIA can be used with this keyboard but however will not be ready for VIA out of the box.

Hotswap PCB: NO SOLDERING REQUIRED, has ESD Protection
Uses ai03's open-source Unified Daughterboard

Case material: Aluminum
Plate: 1.5 mm polycarbonate, 1.5mm Brass
Foam: Case foam included
Mounting System: Top Mount
Isolation: Isolated Bottom case with Poron gaskets
Typing Angle: 6 degrees
Weight in both grams and lbs
approx 1.1kg / 2.2lbs, 1,5kg / 3lbs fully built

Supported by Worldwide Vendors - CandyKeys, Zfrontier, ValaSupply, Prototypist, Dailyclack all vendors around the world are hosting the keyboard pre-order to allow you to get the board at least possible costs.

Each keyboard is manufactured in the same factory with the same quality standards. Each keyboard is visually checked by keebwerk. in Germany, and each keyboard is packaged by us, by hand.


The Swiss comes with all that you require to build a board without keycaps/ switches.
The Swiss is a community Keyboard by Bregoli and manufactured under our Keebwerk. Crafters Brand.

Continuing Keebwerk's quality and anodisation standards we
are happy to announce that at the base price, you will receive the following:

- Top Frame
- Bottom Frame
- Plate - in your chosen material
- PCB-A (Main Switch PCB)
- ai03 unified daughterboard
- Full Screw Set
- Set of Custom Poron Gaskets for bottom case isolation
- Custom Silicone Feet
- Custom Case Foam
- Card of Certification
- Braided USB-C Cable


Cheeseboard is a Group-Buy! The manufacturing and delivery is scheduled to come 10-12 months after the completion of the GB. The keyboard is available at the several vendors listed below.

Join all our friends who have been following us throughout the year of the project. Got any questions? Join the conversation over at the Cheeseboard Geekhack Page.


Daily Clack (Oceania)

Vala Supply (NA)

zFrontier (Asia)

Proto(Typist) - UK