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nano. slider keyboard

 99.00 115.00



Please be aware that due to shipping and component manufacturing constraints in Asia, delivery of your Nano can take 4-5 Weeks


The configurator for the nano. slider. This QMK & MIDI powered macro pad with a potentiometer can be customised with various colors and switches. Each nano. slider is constructed in Germany and manufactured in Asia.

Please be aware of the slight differences in color due to the studio light. For the most accurate colors, please visit the separate component pages. A PCB is not shown in the render of your product.

What is included?

  • Nano. Slider Device (constructed as configured) (fully functional and programmed)
  • Nano. Feet
  • Nano. Packaging
  • Keebwerk. USB-C Cable
  • Construction/Warranty Card signed by one of our Team members who built your keyboard