Our Unique tray to hold all your little things.


Stackable and customizable

  • Height: 11.5mm – Usable height inside: 8mm – Usable height with Silicone insert: 7mm
  • Size: 80mm x 80mm


CNC machined from single blocks of aluminium and available in 5 colours perfectly matching the MEGA colours.


Each Tray comes prefitted with a black silicone base ring and you can choose from 4 different silicone inserts to customize your tray and to keep your valuables sitting on a soft surface.


Please be aware:


You are configuring  and purchasing 1 Tray – Product images can show more then 1 tray to showcase the product


Extra Silicone Inserts are purchasable as a separate item in the store


Spare Silicone Base Ring can be purchased as a separate item in the store

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