Please read below text in the Description before configuring and purchasing your Mega.

Mid Run Update 2023
  • 1.5mm Plates in Alu and PC! Durock V2 Compatible! Higher tolerances for easier removal of Stabs / Switches! Possible to remove plate / PCB assembly together!
  • 1.5mm Plate options are in STOCK!
This is an In-Stock item (but because you can customise your mega we need to build every Mega after receiving your order. Please give us up to 7 days to dispatch your order!
Case Foam is now STANDARD – already own a mega? write to us to get your free case foam!


How to use the configurator:

Browse through layers to choose your desired colour and options by tapping / clicking on it and the render automatically updates for you

Additional Information is displayed by hovering your mouse over the option – on Mobile please tap the option, the description appears.

Some options carry an extra price. Additional cost is displayed and the total updated for you

Un-selectable options mean they are out of stock – please choose a different configuration

An Overview of your chosen Configuration is displayed in your cart.


What is included?
  • mega. Keyboard as configured including PCB) (fully functional and programmed to default)
  • ANSI Layout PCB – Hotswap with PCB-RBG Switch LEDs
  • mega. Rubber Feet
  • mute. custom Case Foam
  • mega. Packaging
  • Pack of 70 Switches – if chosen
  • Stabilisers, in box or attached to PCB – Choose lubed stabs to get a ready to built board with no need to open it up!
  • Keebwerk. Braided USB-C Cable (if chosen) – Dont need it? Dont take it!! – save some electrical Waste!
  • Construction/Warranty Card signed by one of our Team members who built your keyboard
Please be aware of:
  • Durock V2 Stabs DO NOT WORK WITH 3mm Alu Plates!! Due to the recent changes in the shape of the V2 Stabs the case interferes with the Plate. Choose a 1.5mm plate instead!
  • This is a semi-Gasket Mount Board – Gaskets are between plate and top case and the plate is screwed in place to the topcase
  • this is a barebone keyboard – We assemble your board ready for you to place your switches and caps
  • colour discrepancies between the shown renders and the actual keyboard due to the screen you are viewing on.
  • un-selectable Variations in the configurator mean they are out ouf stock. Please choose another Variation of the item.
  • Only bases are available as spare components for swapping out, spare Cases and Plates not available until the second batch of manufacturing. 
  • Keebwerk Tacit. Switches are silent tactile 67g with a translucent housing and are optimal for benefiting from the RGB Switch LEDs.