Support for Trays

Here you will find all you need to know about your trays.


Trays come in 5 colours. The colours are identical to the mega and are therefore perfect companions.


Stacking concept:

We have designed the trays to be practical too. 

The cutout on the top walls is the exact negative of the base ring. You can stack your trays on top of each other without the aluminium touching each other and therefore not causing damage to the anodisation.


Silicone base ring:

As of December 2021, new base rings are available that have an adhesive backing for easy application!


Keebwerk Trays come pre-fitted with a custom silicone ring that acts as the foot of the trays.

These are glued into your tray with a industrial grade super glue. 

Under rare circumstances it is possible that the silicone base ring comes unattached from the tray through movement on surfaces where the friction between it and the silicone is very high – for example glass.

To reattach the silicone ring you can use any super glue you want. Make sure to use only a very small amount so that when you push the ring back into the recess in the tray the glue does  not run out of the side.

If there is glue that dries outside of the recess you can remove the excess dry glue easily with the right tools.

Most super glues can be removed with an Acetone liquid – easiest to purchase as nail polish. dip a Q-Tip or similar into the Acetone liquid and rub the dried extra glue. It will come off. Please make sure to not use too much liquid as if the liquid gets into where the base ring is glued you will remove the glue holding the ring in place.


If for some reason your base ring is destroyed in use, spare rings can be purchased in our store for a small fee.


Silicone Inserts:

Along with your Tray you have the ability to purchase custom silicone inserts. These fit perfectly inside the tray and act as a soft layer to place your items. 

As they friction fit into the trays it is best to remove them by pinching together in the middle of the insert when inside the tray.


Spare and extra Inserts can be purchased in our store.