Support for Mega

Here you will find all you need to know about your Mega

1.5mm Plate Information

  • 1.5mm plates work with all known stabilizers
  • 1.5mm plates need shorter plate screws in comparison to 3mm version. These are included in your purchase
  • Plate and PCB assembly can be removed / added together!
    • Remove the 4 corner screws first, then loosen the remaining plate screws. The assembly can be moved around to remove the remaining screws. 

      Do this in reverse when putting the assembly back in!


Custom Foam

Plate foam – to allow for an easier build experience the plate foam stretches around the PCB spacer, this stops it from falling out when assembling. Lay it on top, push and twist the plate foam around the spacers with the tip of your finger.

Case foam – Case foam is free and fits in only one orientation, cables from the LED indicators are under the large cutout!

Stabilizer Compatibility for 3mm Plates:

  • mega. was designed to be used with Cherry MX Stabs but of course other were taken into account.
  • C3 Stabilizers: screw in, pcb mount are confirmed to work
  • Durock V1 Stabs: Screw in, are confirmed to work.
  • Durock V2 Stabs DO NOT WORK! Due to the recent changes in the shape of the V2 Stabs (adding the reverse hook for the bar) the hooks interferes with the Plate. This will be adjusted in the second manufacturing batch and spare plates will be available then.

Colours and Materials:

Mega comes in 5 colours and has an optional full brass base. The base is sandblasted and Coated for a Matt Satin Finish.

Trays are are identical in colours to the mega and are therefore perfect companions.


Constructing your Mega:

Your Mega comes preassembled but incase you need to dissassemble and rebuild it here are some tips:


  • To remove your PCB and 3mm plate, you need to take out the PCB first. Remove the 7 PCB screws, shift the pcb downwards to clear it from the USB cutout and then push on the stabilizers.
  • Mega Plates have silicone dampening strips along the edges. These Strips are friction fitted into recesses on the plate. They are not glued so you can remove and replace easily.
  • When building your Mega with a 3mm plate you need to place the plate into the case BEFORE attaching the PCB because the PCB covers the screw holes. This was a design choice to keep the overall size as small as possible. 
  • The Status LED PCB is not screwed but glued in place with a small amount of adhesive at the ledge protruding direction center of board.. If you wish to remove it you need to brake the adhesive bond.


Spare parts:

There is a limited quantity of spare Mega plates in all colours and materials available in our Store. 

1.5mm and 3mm Plates are available.

We will not be offering other parts of the Mega as purchasable extras for switching colours until the 2nd batch of manufacturing.