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Your. Nasu. Config.

Please read below text before configuring and Pre-ordering your Nasu.


THE NASU IS A GROUP-BUY PRODUCT, the manufacturing time until delivery is looking to be at about 5-6months

  • GROUB BUY HAS ENDED!! Configurator is staying up for peope to play with – purchasing is not possible anymore.



How to use the configurator:

Browse through layers to choose your desired colour and options by tapping / clicking on it and the render automatically updates for you

Additional Information is displayed by hovering your mouse over the option – on Mobile please tap the option, the description appears.

Some options carry an extra price. Additional cost is displayed and the total updated for you

Un-selectable options mean they are out of stock – please choose a different configuration

An Overview of your chosen Configuration is displayed in your cart.


What is included?

  • Nasu Keyboard as configured
  • Alice Layout PCB – solder – and ai03 unified daughterboard (fully functional and programmed to default)
  • Nasu Rubber Feet
  • Nasu Silicone Gaskets AND Poron Gaskets
  • Nasu Packaging – Ships inside Custom Carry Case!
  • Pack of Switches – if chosen
  • Keebwerk. Braided USB-C Cable
  • Construction/Warranty Card signed by one of our Team members who built your keyboard


Please be aware of:

  • colour discrepancies between the shown renders and the actual keyboard due to the screen you are viewing on.
  • un-selectable Variations in the configurator mean they are out ouf stock. Please choose another Variation of the item.
  • Only Plates are available as spare components for swapping out.
  • Keebwerk Tacit. Switches are silent tactile 67g with a translucent housing and are optimal for benefiting from the RGB Switch LEDs.