Nano. Oasis

A limited edition run of the Nano. Slider. We  have co-ooperated with JSaints to bring you this Nano. Oasis. All the features you all ready love in a stunning new Design, featuring a custom limited edition Keycap, base plate  and KAT Oasis Keycaps. 

 Each device comes with an authentication certificate to make sure that your device is legitimate. 

The device functions as the nano. slider using QMK and MIDI combined. There is a special firmware package that will be offered in our support section of our site where you can modify your QMK firmware and hold the MIDI compatibility.


mykeyboard (EU)

EUROPE Proxy for Nano. Oasis (USA)

USA Proxy for Nano. Oasis


ASIA Proxy for Nano. Oasis

Deskhero (CA)

CANADA Proxy for Nano. Oasis