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1. What is keebwerk.?

Keebwerk is a small team of 3 people trying to push the limits of design and function that can be put on your desk, while still being accessible to everyone in a reasonable amount of time. We aim to provide products of all sorts to customers that can enjoy the extra functionality that we add to it, but also nourish the quality and design of it while not breaking the bank. We put quality on first place of every product and we want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with a long lasting product.

2. How do you ship your stuff?

Each product is packed in a keebwerk. box designed and manufactured by us. You will get a warranty card and a card stating who built / packed your product. We only ship using DHL and Fedex, for the pricing please refer to our Check-Out as it varies per country.

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3. Do you offer warranty?

Each of our products come with 2 !!! years warranty, not just 1 as any other competitor. We will gladly always provide online support to get your product running and we will always make sure that you will be happy with your purchase. With keebwerk, you are not just buying a product, but also service. Your warranty is stated on the card included in your box.

4. Why should I pre-order?

Pre-Orders are sometimes available on our products, the reason we do pre-orders is that it will allow people to claim their product setup and color direct from manufacturing and it will help us make sure that you get your product. We can only order a few things per run and securing your place in the run will benefit you and us. Some products that are limited edition will have limited spots available, this will be clear on the product page.

5. I am a designer. I want to work with Keebwerk.

Just contact us! If you want some special edition co-operation or us to help out with a GB we can assist. We do pick however, since each projects costs a lot of time!

6. How can I contact you?

E-Mail and Instagram!

7. Can I pick up the products from your office?

Sorry, no, we do not accept any visitors for many reasons.

8. Do you only do keyboards?

We will try not to.

9. What about the environment?

We make sure that all our designs are shipping ways create the least possible impact on the environment. We make sure that things that are shipped from the factory are shipped efficiently, we also make sure all manufacturers are certified to be friendly with the environment and the materials they use. We also make sure our packaging is the balance between good looking and not taking up too much space and wasting paper. If you have any suggestions how to let us improve, do let us know!